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Currently trying to find a home for Sophia (Sophie), Cedrick, Lance, Tulip, Violet and Ziggy. And we have several kittens that are not old enough to be adopted that are super sweet.

This is Tulip. My name is Tulip. I was named Tulip because I am as sweet as a spring flower. I have big green eyes, mostly black fur with white spots, white feet, and white whiskers. I like nothing more than to follow my foster parents around and talk to them until they pick me up and pet me. I am a good girl, and hope that I get adopted with one of my foster brothers, or sisters.

Ziggy. Ziggy is the biggest kitten of his litter, and he comes with one of the biggest hearts too. He, and his sister Violet, are two of the most laid back kittens ever. They are complete love bugs. Ziggy is white with black spots, and has one green, and one blue eye. He would be great with kids, and would probably let them carry him around like a baby doll. Please consider adopting him with his sister Violet, as they are quite a pair.

This is Violet. Violet is a sweetheart. she is very laid back, and loves to cuddle. She is fluffy and soft too. She is white with grey spots, and beautiful green eyes. Violet will melt your heart with a look. she loves to be held close. She loves to run and climb her favorite scratching post. She would love to be adopted with her brother Ziggy.

Here is Lance. Lance is a pretty cool cat. (Pun intended) He has all the confidence in the world. He loves a warm lap, and a fuzzy ball. He carries some of his favorite toys around so his foster siblings can't have them, because he loves to tease them. He gets along great with them, and should be adopted with one of them, or a new friend. Give him a home, and he will give it all back times 10!

This is Cedrick. Cedrick is a beautiful, sweet, playful kitty. He has a very cute face and looks at you with such sweet eyes. He loves to play with toys - especially those he can chase, and is very good at keeping himself entertained. Have an empty box? Cedrick will claim it and play there for hours. Then, he will find his people for snuggles. He will cuddle up and sleep with you too. He's the all-around perfect kitty for any home!

This is Sophia. Sophie is a calm, lovey girl, when not running, and playing. She loves to cuddle up close and nap. Sometimes when you go into a room without her, she begins to meow like she is looking for you. It is very cute.

All of our cats are very house friendly. No issues with scratching furniture, or curtains. Never any messes and they know that counters are off limits!


CAWS is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping pets find good homes. Send me an email if you would like more info on any of these cats or contact CAWS directly:

P.O. box 17825

Salt Lake City, UT 84117


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